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REVIEW: The Expendables 3

REVIEW: The Expendables 3

I have to say I was dreading  this 3rd in what seems to be a never-ending franchise (there’s talk of an “Expendabelles” all female version)  but I was very pleasantly surprised- I laughed  a lot and just went along for the silly ride.

In his first role  since doing  close to 3 years for tax evasion, Wesley Snipes  finally  gets to join the fun (he was supposed to star in the original but then came that little jail thing).  He’s hilarious in the opening  scene. Mel Gibson  gets to play the bad guy they’re after with Harrison Ford as the biggie calling the shots in the mission. Kelsey Grammer helps Sly Stallone find new expendables when he’s forced to fire the old crew after a botched job.  Antonio Banderas steals the movie as a  manic new recruit.  The franchise gets younged up with the additions of Kellan Lutz,  Victor Oritz and for the first time, a woman: Ronda  Rousey.

While there’s lots of action and dead bodies,  there are just  a few dribbles of blood  so it’s pretty sanitized when it comes to violence.

My major beef- about 45 minutes of “The Expendables 3” was expendable.


2 and a half stars


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